Richard Parker

vectorial 5

I am a British painter, born in Bath, England in 1965. Having lived in León and Madrid, I now live happily on the island of Gran Canaria. I have been painting since I was 8 years old with the first set of oil paints my mother gave me. Since then, on and off over the years I have been painting landscapes and seascapes, still life and portraits. I am now a full time professional artist. I have had 5 exhibitions in Gran Canaria in the last decade. My style is definitely realistic, but I am distinctly attracted to a painterly brushstroke when required. Painting is my passion and my joy, and I hope this is reflected in my paintings. Besides painting subjects personally chosen by myself from a wide variety of soutces, I invite you to get in touch in case you would like a personal commission or a special painting done as a gift. Enlace.

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